About us

Sweden stands out as one of the world’s leaders in innovation. In the forefront of the country’s creative endeavours is GAEU consulting. Our mission is to help write the applications for EU grants of companies striving to develop and commercialise innovations.

Our expertise is collected in the largest European private centre of competence for EU grants, GAEU Horizon 2020 Centre of Excellence. A large number of our employees are specialised in science work in the areas of life science, cleantech and ICT, and work in collaboration with various types of experts in grant funding.

Proud to have the longest list of reference within e.g. the SME-instrument of Horizon 2020 and grants to Vinnova, we are the leaders of applications for EU grants in Sweden.

Our practical working method: Our customer is a crescent company with an innovative project. Through a quality controlled method of analysis, we assess whether the project has adequate potential to get granted. When passed, our specialists initiate the process of writing the application. After the application has been approved, we tailor a contract and take care of the reporting and accounting for granted project.

GAEU Consulting has astronomical credit ratings, as well as a broad network spanning over major parts of Europe. The company was founded in 2002.

Our vision: To become the European landmark for public financing of innovative projects.

Our mission: In a world of ever-growing challenges, the mission of GAEU is to stimulate the growth of innovative solutions for the benefit of the world.

Our business idea: To help growing businesses in terms of professional advice concerning grant funding and the commercialisation of innovations.


We have two primary areas of expertise.

Public Financing encompasses professional advice regarding miscellaneous types of financial support, handed out by public sources in Sweden and the rest of Europe intent on financing progress and the commercialisation of innovations.

GAEU Innovation Investments is our way of splitting the risk with society, in an effort to stimulate the growth of innovative solutions to global challenges. Society invests through tax money and we through our own. GAEU consulting takes a portion of the excess that our consulting business generates, and reinvests that money in young and crescent businesses that develop innovations with global potential. Money generated in successful young inventions then gets reinvested in other innovation companies


GAEU Consulting was founded in 2002 by Roland Vilhelmsson. The company soon grew to become the market leader in terms of accommodating public financing of Swedish companies. As years passed by, we also became increasingly internationally recognised. In 2011, under the lead of Tomasz Wasik, M.Pol.Sc., we built an international centre of competence in Kraków. It has proven to be successful, and is today GAEU Horizon 2020 Centre of Excellence– Europe’s largest private specialist group for professional guidance regarding EU financing of innovation companies.


Gaeu  (pronounced with a silent E) in an international expression meaning excellence. It is found here and there in the world. It is related to the English term ”good” and the Spanish slang term ”guay”, with the same meaning as the former. In China, ”gaeu” means ”high level.”
– As a child, I remember hearing this beautiful word in the little fishing village in which I grew up. The term “gaeu” was used exclusively by the old generation of fishermen on the rare occurrence that they expressed their approval for someone. They protected the word as though it were their only child. To be gaeu was hence a prestigious term of approval. A gaeu fisherman was always part of the highest tier of the fisherman hierarchy, GAEU Consulting’s founder Roland Vilhelmsson explains.


All our co-workers have the appropriate education and colossal experience in the areas in which they operate. About half of them are also possess PhD’s. All work is executed in accordance with good business ethics and self-developed methodology for production of competitive grant funding applications.


To work confidentially is an everyday occurrence for us. All co-workers have signed secrecy contracts with the employer. Additional secrecy is provided through contracts between the customer and GAEU Consulting. For further reading, see Terms and Conditions.


GAEU Consulting has a broad network. The company is known amongst a multitude of influential instances in Sweden and Europe. For further reading, see Network & Partnership.


We engage in activities to do our part in taking social responsibility and create a better world. This is why we support SOS Children’s Villages. For additional reading about SOS Children’s Villages, see sos-childrensvillages.org


GAEU Consulting AB has the highest credit worthiness: An AAA rating by Dun & Bradstreet and Risk Class 5 at Upplysningscentralen (UC).



Strong customer performance gives strong finances. With AAA Credit Rating and Risk Class 5,  the leading rating agencies confirm that GAEU Consulting has the highest credit rating.




Roland Vilhelmsson

Group CEO

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MBA, Tomasz Wąsik


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